This is me on stage with Dr. Joe Dispenza at the ‘Make Your Mind Matter’ Advanced Workshop in July sharing a story with a couple hundred people. A story that I thought I’d never be able to share with anyone because I didn’t think they would believe it. After telling the story in Denver, I was humbled by the response from everyone in attendance. People were truly inspired by a real life example of how we are able to shift our energy and awareness and improve our lives with FOCUS.

My first workshop by Dr. Joe was in April 2013. It was a two and a half day workshop in Carefree, AZ and was a combination of lecture on how the brain and meditation works along with guided meditations by Dr. Joe himself. During the last meditation he taught us a breathing technique to pull the energy out of the body and into the mind. By combining the technique with meditation I had one of the most moving and fulfilling meditative experiences to date. Needless to say I was a fan and knew I would implement the technique into my life.

Fast forward a week. Six AM flight to San Diego for work. Up at 3:40AM, on the road to the airport at 4:10AM. I do my meditation before bed so let’s just say this is earlier than I’m used to. On the way to the airport I start doing the breathing technique knowing that it will oxygenate the brain and raise my energy level. It’s done by clenching the perineal muscle, lower and upper abdomen, and then breathing in slowly through your nose. All while imagining that you are pulling energy from the base of the spine to the top of your head. Holding your breath and focusing your attention at the top of your head to build the energy.

I do this the entire drive to the parking area and on the bus to the airport. I’m feeling good, energized. My scalp is tingling, I’m awake, invigorated, all the things expected from completing the exercise. I walk through the scanner at the airport, raise my hands, the scanner spins around me and I prepare to exit. Not so fast! The TSA employee asks me to bend over so he can touch the top of my head. WHAT? He explains that there is something on the scan coming from the top of my head and since most people don’t have anything growing from the top of their head that he has to pat it down to clear me through security!

The scanner actually picked up the accumulated energy at the top of my head! This isn’t science fiction folks.

This experience was awe inspiring to me because I had just started doing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations after the workshop a week earlier and yet here I had hard evidence that we truly do have control over our energy and that we can, with work, make a positive difference in our lives by focusing on changing our thoughts.

Little did I know that I would be sharing this experience with the entire audience at the Advanced Workshop in July. The number of people that approached me to thank me and ask for advice after hearing my story was mind blowing. It was a testament to the effort that goes in to giving yourself the time to reflect inward.

Too often, we question our ability to inspire or help others realize a better way of life. It’s easy to assume, as I did with this experience, that no one would care or believe something that we feel is a monumental event in our lives! Don’t sell yourself short with this type of thinking. If you have found a path that inspires you, chances are your passion and FOCUS will inspire others. Share your advice when someone is interested and push through the FEAR of ridicule and tell your story! There are more people who will want to listen than those who don’t!


Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops are based on his books linked below. For more information on the workshops please visit his website.


Photo courtesy of Diane Bullock

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