Addiction Awareness

Addiction Awareness (formerly Lose the Booze)

Addiction Awareness, Is Pokemon Go Harmful to my Health?

Part 3 of a 5 part series from Five Changes to Lose 40 Pounds and Keep It Off

You may be asking yourself, “What addictions?” That might be your first response when you see the title of this post. The truth is that you are likely well aware of the major addictions in your life that take up more of your time than you would like. Those daily or weekly time wasting activities that call to you even when you would be would rather be doing something beneficial or productive. Activities that once completed leave you wondering if they were ever worth doing in the first place!

Don’t like the term addiction? I completely understand. Addiction is not a word which most of us are comfortable. However, when I was making changes to lose weight and feel better I quickly realized that there were things that took up valuable time and were counterproductive to the changes I was making. Time that I could have been spending on bettering myself, spending quality time with family, walking, meditating, you get the picture! If there are things in your life that have gone from passions to a prison, they are addictions.

What could these be? You may be well aware of the glaring addictions in your life such as alcohol, other drugs, cigarettes, or sugar in a specific form (read “Caramel Frappuccino”). What about the addictions that fly under the radar? Pokémon Go, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, shopping, anger, and grief (YES, emotional states are as addictive as drugs!). Entire blogs list the potential addictions and distractions that you may want to consider. Instead of reading through lists, there is a more natural way to determine what these stealth addictions could be.

When you begin living mindfully, you become more aware of where you place your attention, energy and time. You will become aware of the activities that truly serve you and those that do not. By spending time in meditation, taking your daily walk, and looking at other areas of your life the stealth addictions will gradually become VISIBLE! Once observed, it is blatantly obvious that they are not beneficial. So what do you do? Do you cut everything out at once? No!

The idea here is to make incremental, sustainable changes that support each other within your life. The “I’ll start Monday”, “I’ll start on the 1st of the month”, “New Year’s Resolutions and I’ll get it done, I swear” prioritizing must be addressed. Do you have any changes that fall into this level of priority? We all do! I am speaking from experience! Review my blog, “Five Changes I made to Lose 40 Pounds” for an example of self-sustaining changes that you can implement in your life immediately.

What to do? Pick two things in your life that take up more time than you like. Even if you once truly enjoyed them, include them! Next, write down several new activities like walking, reading, healthy cooking and meditating that you would do on a regular basis if you had more time! Make a choice to add these healthful activities to your daily routine, reducing the amount of time spent on the first two items. Remember, you must believe that your new schedule is possible for you to stick with the changes and remain happy.

Start the new activities right away. If you chose a daily walk, then stop reading this blog immediately and get outside! I jest but you get the point. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start. If you decided to meditate more and watch less TV then sit for five minutes and focus on your breath before your favorite show comes on. Continue to review your progress every two weeks and adjust as needed. Working with a certified Health Coach makes a world of difference in this process.

As you work on these two addictions, you may notice other time wasters that you would have never considered addictions! How much time do you spend binge-watching Game of Thrones? Pokémon Go? Do you ever open up your grocery list to add an item and find yourself scanning for a rare Pokémon nearby (never even adding the milk to your grocery list)? These are just a few examples to illustrate this is an ongoing process of self-improvement.

You see, this is not just about addiction awareness. This is about cherishing yourself enough to spend your valuable life seeking and finding true happiness, joy, peace, and fulfillment. We focus so much time in the average day on material things that when closely examined bring no lasting meaning to our lives. By dedicating time to searching out people, ideas and pastimes that provide you with true fulfillment, you are on your way to genuine happiness!

Become mindful!

My intention is to coach those who seek creative ways to unlock natural serenity, balance and mindfulness in their lives. To help them discover true fulfillment and happiness.

I am passionate about working with open-minded individuals who are ready to make sustainable changes by committing to a conscious lifestyle that naturally enhances their performance. Contact me to schedule a free “Mindful Performance” Coaching session.

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My life has completely changed since starting my meditation practice at the end of 2012. I have lost 40 pounds and kept it off. My relationships have improved with everyone in my life. I am more compassionate, loving, understanding and patient than I ever thought possible. I am now a certified health coach and have spoken internationally in front of audiences of hundreds of people regarding my experience with meditation and focused attention. I have attended over 250 hours of lecture and practice on the physics and neuroscience regarding the effects of advanced meditation.

During this personal journey, my passion for teaching emerged and I have trained hundreds in basic meditation techniques, life balance & self-appreciation. Read more here.

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