How often do you breathe on purpose?

Relaxing during your day may be easier than you think. Before you respond to that snide email, tell off a co-worker or snap at your kids or partner, try taking three or four breaths deep into your abdomen. There is no trick to this, no special technique to follow. Simply take a slow breath deep into your belly, purposely extending the stomach area outward. If you have the option, close your eyes.
Think of these thirty or forty seconds as a mini meditation. The act of consciously breathing is a quick and simple way to center yourself. Bringing your attention into the body and breath provides your mind with something to focus on other than the normal chatter that may be running on repeat! Leverage this technique as many times a day as you can remember.

This technique works not only because of the shift in focus but also due to a stimulation of the vagus nerve. You are instantly turning on the parasympathetic nervous system that controls your body’s relaxation response. You are purposely causing a physiological response that lowers blood pressure and reduces cortisol levels, which rise in response to physical or psychological stress.

Take control of your day by using this technique whenever you are feeling out of sorts, anxious or upset. Remind yourself that YOU are worth the time it takes to relax and reduce stress. You will find that you are able to respond instead of react, which can lead to much more efficient and creative uses of your time!


  1. Close your eyes (optional)
  2. Slowly breathe into your abdomen through your nose, extending the belly. Take about four seconds to complete the inhale
  3. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Take about seven seconds to complete the exhale
  4. Repeat three to four times or extend to ten minutes for a mini meditation session

Become mindful!

My intention is to mentor those who seek creative ways to unlock natural serenity, balance and mindfulness in their lives. To help them discover or even enhance their unique spiritual connection.

I am passionate about working with open-minded individuals who are ready to expand into uncharted, some would say mystical, experiences through guided meditation. Contact me to arrange a group meditation for you and your friends or team and learn more about my beginning meditation classes for your organization

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