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Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation!

Can Daily Meditation Really Make a Difference?

Part 1 of a 5 part series from Five Changes to Lose 40 Pounds and Keep It Off

I have written about a daily meditation practice many times because it is the most important thing that I have added to my routine. A daily meditation practice keeps me on track when things get sideways in life.

The first type of daily meditation I tried was focusing on my breath for ten minutes, right before bed. Within the first few days of taking time for myself and paying attention to my breath, there were periods that were free of thought. It was as if all of the thoughts and worries that constantly ran through my mind, stressing me out, were simply absent. This brief absence was sublime, energizing and restored me to a wholeness of which I had forgotten possible.

This feeling of wholeness is exceptionally difficult to capture accurately with words. The feeling is similar to awakening from most restful nap, transcending time being completely recharged and excited with an understanding that EVERYTHING is OKAY. That you are integrally connected to the divine intelligence or quantum field that keeps you breathing, that handles trillions of functions within your body every second at the cellular level, that creates galaxies and stars millions and billions of miles away. That you are a revered instrument in this orchestra called life.

Within a few months of starting my daily meditation practice, I discovered a mentor in Dr. Joe Dispenza. His books and workshops on how daily meditation could change your life appealed to my analytical nature. A best-selling author and speaker featured in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know”. He travels the world teaching students how to change their minds and change their world. How we are able to rewire our brains through daily meditation so that we break free from the old patterns and old habits that run our lives. That these habits and patterns are the past creating more of the same in our future and that we can shift the things we create.

I attended my first workshop in April 2013. It was inspiring to see so many people in attendance, more than 250 people motivated to create positive changes in their lives! People who believed that by changing the way they think, feel and act that they can improve their experience in life! Banners lined the walls educating on the flow of thoughts – to emotions – to actions. Illustrating how the same thoughts created the same experiences in our lives, day after day! More importantly, that by changing these thoughts we can create new experiences.

The workshop is a two-and-a-half-day event starting Friday night and running through Sunday. Filled with the science, stories and explanations on how the mind creates our reality and how we are able to change our thoughts and change (read IMPROVE) that reality. Science backs every step of the process. If you are as analytical as I am, this is a great way to learn how meditation can affect your life in a positive way.

Along with the lecture and stories, experiential meditation techniques allow you to get beyond the analytical mind and truly rewire the brain to change the old patterns and beliefs that may be limiting your full potential. In moving beyond the analytical mind in meditation, we are able to make meaningful change to the structure and wiring of the brain. Because of the profound effect of these meditation techniques on my life, here is a personal recollection of my first life-changing event that occurred at a Progressive Workshop led by Dr. Joe.

The energy in a group meditation with 250 plus people exponentially enhances my experience. At my first Progressive, I had an experience that truly opened my eyes to the power of this practice. We had learned a new breathing technique to liberate energy trapped in the body as old habits and patterns and had completed this breath before the meditation. During the meditation, I felt calm, peaceful and present. Suddenly, a vibration of absolute bliss bloomed in the right hemisphere of my brain.

This was a wonderful feeling; no concern at all went through my mind even though it was such a novel feeling in my body. How could this be happening just sitting here in the present moment? A discernible sensation was occurring in my brain and I had no idea why or how it was occurring. What was clear was that something was changing for the better. Our bodies reward us when something is beneficial and warn us when something is harmful. This was the best reward I had experienced in 20 years!

Looking back and knowing what I know about how our brains function I now believe this sensation may have been partly due to the amount of novel information I had been absorbing over the weekend combined with a master teacher and high-energy group of meditators. I was feeling the sensation of breaking free of the old patterns and old beliefs that I allowed to run my life. Here I was sitting with my eyes closed with 250+ other people, actually changing my life. I was changing my story and my body was responding.

After this experience, I could never go back to living my life in the same monotonous way again. I could not go back to creating my life by default, not paying attention to my thoughts, to poisoning my mind with negativity, complaining, or other negative behaviors almost as if they were a badge of honor. I realized that I could flip my entire way of being on its head and create a way of living that is positive, life affirming, joy producing and could serve as an example to others who were looking for a way to truly experience their life with happiness and contentment!

Meditation keeps me balanced, compassionate, patient, and resilient. We all have challenges; we all will continue to have challenges. What we realize through daily meditation practice is that we are able to pull ourselves back into a positive emotional state much more quickly than our minds were capable of before incorporating a daily meditation practice! We do not need to dwell in anger, sadness or frustration. We are able to, through daily meditation, shorten the length of time we spend in these stressful states and live in coherent, positive, high frequency state of being that enhances our lives and the lives of those around us.

If you would like to change your mind and life at a Progressive Workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza, click my affiliate link below to learn more. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! I will be in attendance and would love to see you there!

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