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The Five Changes that helped me Lose Forty Pounds and Keep It Off

When we want to lose weight, our normal approach is to focus on what we believe to be the main culprit of our weight gain, FOOD! If we pay attention to the marketing that most weight-loss products would have us believe, we focus on a low fat way of eating which current research shows could be counterproductive!

While what we put in our bodies is important, several other factors are just as, if not more, important to losing weight. The level of “nourishment” we receive from our relationships, career, physical activity and spiritual practice is key in helping us make the right choices in the way we eat.

This requires a shift in the way we think. We must find ways to change hardwired habits and lifelong patterns. Habits and patterns that some of us may not be capable of seeing in our present thinking. In order to become aware of these patterns we must make multiple changes in these areas of our life. We must change our thinking, choices and feelings about our relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality.

Below are the five changes I made to lose forty pounds. Incorporate these changes into your life!

By taking this multi-faceted approach to changing your life, you are able to bring all areas into better balance and create a self-sustaining way of living. For example, if you miss taking a walk one day, the fact that you meditated and ate right that day will help keep you on track overall. Remember that losing weight and keeping it off takes a LIFESTYLE change!

Over the next five posts, I will expand on each of these at length, starting with meditation. Meditation has been key in changing the habits and lifelong patterns that had me trapped in creating my life based on the past. Dr. Joe Dispenza is the mentor that has been instrumental in teaching me the neuroscience and technique of changing my brain through meditation. In my next post, I will dive into my experience with meditation and his workshops on changing your mind, changing your life.

I highly recommend attending one of Dr. Joe’s workshops. For those of you who are local, he is holding a Progressive Workshop in Tempe, AZ at the end of April! Click the banner below to learn more about the Progressive Workshop and to register. I will be in attendance and would love to see you there!


Dr. Joe Dispenza

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