Enjoy Your Week sign with clouds and sky backgroundOn Monday’s, I’m always surprised by the canned responses my co-workers use over and over to answer the questions, “How’s it going?” or “How was your weekend?” Most respond with something like, “Ugh, it’s MONDAY!” or “Too short!”

I used to reply with the same canned responses but I now know that our thoughts, words and actions have a direct impact on our experience of reality! If most of us seek fulfilment and happiness in our lives, we should take more time to appreciate what we have and where we truly are! The more appreciation we express, the happier we will be overall. The Institute of HeartMath has proven this scientifically and Dr. Joe Dispenza write extensively about the impact of our thoughts on reality.

So how can you kick the ‘Monday blues’ or the ‘weekend was too short’ shimmy? Take a few minutes and think about a few things you accomplished over the weekend or a handful of events you really enjoyed. This replaces a feeling of lack with wholeness. We could all use more wholeness in our lives!

For example, today I responded to the weekend question with, “Pretty good! I went for a run on Saturday, ate breakfast out by my pool Sunday morning and had a picnic with my daughter Sunday evening to watch the sunset!” Was my weekend busy? Yes! But by identifying these few gems I’ve helped myself realize what an amazing life I lead. I truly believe that we can all pull these shining moments out of our existence and improve our overall outlook on life.

Be happy it’s Monday! If we live in a perpetual state of WAITING for happiness then happiness will never truly arrive. Break out of the cycle of short term, material-based happiness and realize the joy of a deep breath, a genuine smile, or a sweet hug from a loved one can help us. Manifesting happiness is a skill to be practiced!

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