Inspired Action

Throughout the countless hours of listening, reading or watching movies on positive thinking, Law of Attraction or manifestation I continually took away the same general idea. Change your mind, change your life. In fact, the assumption was that if you could create a positive enough energy flow that action was virtually unnecessary. Granted, I’m paraphrasing a bit but my point is that from our (humankind’s) perspective it is very easy to continually gloss over the ACTION part!

I know, I know. You’ll immediately think to yourself, “But that book did say to take ‘inspired action’. Or, that movie said to ‘get in the car and drive’. I’m just waiting to be inspired. Isn’t that enough?”

The answer is NO! That’s not enough! I’ve been subtly manifesting in this way for over a decade now. Has it been successful? Sure, I’ve experienced success in areas of my life. I’ve had many events manifest based on continued and persistent thought and intent. But I challenge you to define what success in this area means to you. I am not satisfied with being subtle about it anymore.

In my opinion, the missing link or lack of focus in many of the movies and books is instructing the student to take ‘inspired action‘. Maybe it’s just me but there needs to be more EMPHASIS on how important it is for anyone aspiring for positive change in their lives to take time to focus in on their thoughts and selves and really listen and feel for the impulses that arise to take action that will create the path they are intending.

Here is the challenge I recommend you take for yourself. Pick one idea or intent that has been on your mind for weeks or months. Something you have been persistently thinking about (if you don’t have something, now is the time to create it). If you aren’t sure that you have one, it’ll be the thought or change that comes up randomly in your daydreams day after day or hour after hour.

Now commit to spending FIVE minutes of your day to only thinking of that idea. Five minutes of focused alone time. Instead of going back to sleep after you hit snooze try sitting up, closing your eyes, setting that intent and think and breathe. Instead of listening to the morning show on the way to work in the morning try focusing in on the idea and let your mind wander. Find the time! Eventually, you will FEEL that you should do something. I encourage you to act on those feelings. You will be AMAZED at the results!

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