cecil2_edited-2In my last post, I mentioned that meditation is a great place to start when you are looking to improve areas of your life. The reason it is the first suggestion is because out of all of the other steps taken that have helped me improve my life, it is the one practice that should have been implemented much sooner because of how quickly it benefited me once begun!

You are probably thinking, ‘But Cecil, that’s clearly not the first step you took so how can you expect me to take that as my first step? I don’t even believe in that hooey!’ Point taken! That is completely valid!

This post includes other suggestions you may integrate over time that will help pave the way to better and better decisions and actions to improve your health and awareness. There are many books and movies that all touch on a similar array of actions to improve health, expand consciousness, awareness etc.

This is my attempt to provide you with a short list from which to choose to get started right away. Try implementing one of these and sticking with it for two weeks, then adding another, and another, and then finding a book or reading my next blog post to discover even more ideas that are beneficial! Commit to a six-week period to start and see how you feel!

One of the most recent movies that inspired me to do something about my health (without hype or scare tactics) was the movie Hungry for Change. If you struggle with your weight, want to learn how to eat healthier or just want a refresher on what you should be eating and avoiding in today’s supermarket and why, this is a film for you! I highly recommend this film and even posted about it today on my Facebook page. In fact, you can watch it free through 3/31/2013 by registering here!

In addition to watching the movie, here is a list of actions to choose from followed by references if you would like to dive in deeper. Look for complete reviews/interpretations of these references in future posts but do not hesitate to start your own research project. I highly encourage it!

  • Take a daily twenty-minute walk outside
  • Practice yoga three to five times a week
  • Have every meal you consume contain at least 51% vegetables
  • Complete daily affirmations (contact me if you have questions)
  • Remember to stop what you are doing at least once a day, and take a deep breath

These changes to your daily routine can make a tremendous difference in how you feel and how you perceive your life.

Feel free to contact me or comment below if you have questions or concerns.

Here are a handful of the books I pulled the above list from for your expansion. Enjoy!


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