At the end of 2013, I was extended an invitation to a New Year Community Despacho hosted by Shaman Shari BaDu (who inspired my Trials of a Hero post), Kenton Knepper and Stacey Lane. It was a ceremony and fire to celebrate the New Moon and New Year. The purpose of this healing ceremony was to give thanks for the lessons learned in 2013, let go of things not needed or wanted in the new year and to set an overall intention for 2014. It was a very powerful and moving experience and I was compelled to write the thank you note below to Shari, Kenton and Stacey after being asked how the energy was showing up for me since the ceremony.

The reason this personal and sacred experience is shared on my blog is to remind everyone of the importance of keeping an OPEN MIND and HEART. You cannot predict how the universe, spirit or god will communicate to you and keep you moving on your path. It is far too easy in our busy lives to get caught in emotional, physical and spiritual habitual patterns that blind our soul from the signs that keep arising. They say a lesson will continue to repeat itself until it is learned. Keep your eyes, soul and mind open and start LEARNING! The note follows:

CeremonyThank you from the bottom of my heart. The energy at the beginning of the Despacho was very peaceful and mellow. As the ceremony progressed and we placed our hands towards the offering the power was palpable in my palms and body and I could feel warmth emanating from the center. It felt like some deep understanding and love working with some exceptionally powerful energy. Both outgoing and incoming energy.  I don’t know exactly how to describe it.

The energy around the fire enveloped us all; I was at peace and felt a sense of knowing. As we turned our backs and I heard the offering catch fully on fire I simultaneously noticed my shadow on the back wall, past the citrus tree, while feeling a tremendous rush upwards from the fire up to the spirits. This was something I physically, emotionally and spiritually felt move behind me from the fire. It was exhilarating. Seeing my shadow reminded me that change starts with each one of us at a personal level and at the same time that this ceremony was bringing in the support that each of us needed from each other, spirit and the universe.

That evening my family and I had a wonderful time singing, dancing and ringing in the New Year. I even concluded New Year’s Eve with a short meditation, quite a feat with my 11 and 7 year old but they actively and happily participated.

The next day I felt at peace, as if the things I left behind were separate from me but not entirely sure where to go while also experiencing a calm knowing around the intent being called in for 2014. I was compelled to take a rare nap, during the nap I had two lucid dreams that can only be described as much needed healing, on all levels.

Now the sense of peace and knowing stays with me, regardless of several situations that would have previously been challenging for me. I’ve created my altar to maintain the connection to the ceremony and energy. It is small but meaningful and strong with intent. I look forward to an amazing new year.


Image courtesy of Shari Badu

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