simple 5 minute meditationNo time to Meditate? Check this out: It can be beneficial for you to accomplish a simple 5 minute meditation (regularly).

I’ve mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating: Did you know that over 75% of general physician visits are stress related? Stress is tied to the six leading causes of death? The good news is that one of the most effective ways to reduce stress in your life, meditation, is FREE and you can do it on your own for any amount of time. Start with a 5 minute meditation.

I have been teaching basic meditation at Insight for almost a year now and more and more people approach me and ask something like, “So, you teach this meditation thing?” It is so inspiring to see an increased interest in mindfulness in a corporate environment. My coworkers, and people everywhere, are realizing that the impact of stress is REAL and truly affects their vitality, happiness, creativity and overall health. Many times the conversation that follows is a brief description of how to start meditating and making other changes to lead a more mindful life.

Here is a summary of what I recommend to them to get started with their meditation goals:

You can start with just five to ten minutes at the same time each day. Upon awakening or right before sleep, set the timer on your phone (make sure it’s on ‘Do Not Disturb’) to five minutes. Sit up straight on the side of your bed (or even on a chair if you wish) with your hands on your knees, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take a deep breath in, down into your belly. Exhale slowly and relax.

Thoughts will come up and you WILL start thinking about all sorts of things! This is okay and is part of meditating. When you notice you are caught up in thought instead of focusing on the in and out of your breath, just return to your thinking about your breath. You can do this simple 5 minute meditation!  

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches the following mantra to start and keep a meditation focused.

You say each line to yourself as you breathe in and out and then just repeat lines 3 and 4 throughout:

  1. Breathing in, I become aware I am breathing in. (inhale)
  2. Breathing out, I become aware I am breathing out. (exhale)
  3. In (inhale)
  4. Out (exhale)

Continue this breathing until the timer sounds.

Extend the time if you feel that longer periods would be beneficial. Everyone’s experience will be different. However, you will quickly realize the benefits of meditation. I hope that the greater sense of peace and wholeness that accompanies a meditation practice will encourage you to continue sitting down daily to improve your health.

If you prefer guided meditation, a great option is the book “Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility In Your Life” which includes a downloadable 20 minute guided meditation that is quite relaxing and effective.

I am passionate about working with open-minded individuals who are ready to expand into uncharted, some would say mystical, experiences through guided meditation. Contact me to arrange a guided group meditation for you and your friends or team and learn more about my beginning meditation classes for your organization.

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