Although we hear more and more that incorporating meditation into our lives can reduce stress, increase energy, reduce anxiety and depression and even lessen pain in the body; learning to meditate is intimidating to many people. When mentioning to my friends or coworkers that I meditate their response is almost automatic, “I just can’t meditate, my mind goes all over.” Alternatively, they state with certainty, “I have a monkey brain, it never stops jumping from thought to thought. There is no way I could do it.” Guess what? I used those same excuses when every book I read was telling me to MEDITATE to improve my health and overall enjoyment with life! The fear of meditation is very real for many people!

faviconFinally taking the advice and sitting down for ten minutes to focus on my breathing and practice clearing my thoughts was one of the most beneficial exercises I have ever added to my daily routine. I quickly reaped the benefits. Not only did my stress levels decrease but also my patience with others rose. Of course, thoughts will fill our minds but that is why we practice meditation. It takes practice to clear the mind, to sit down and self-reflect and to dedicate time to our own well-being.

Through meditation, I have reawakened my spiritual side and realized that there is so much more to complete health than what we eat! By focusing on increasing our overall happiness in our relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality, we can increase the joy we feel on a day-to-day basis. This translates to better health throughout our body, mind and soul! This realization through my meditation practice is what has inspired me to become a Holistic Health Coach. It is my desire to help others find joy and peace within their lives.

My daughter, Isabella, now asks me to meditate with her before bed because of the difference she has noticed within me. We now sit for 10 minutes as a family to focus on our breath and create a sacred space for each other. I highly recommend this practice for any family that wants to increase the harmony within their household. Although there are a few giggles from the kids at first. They quickly understand the power of the time together as a family unit, focusing inward and unlocking the potential for overall health.

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