Pressure Free Healthy Food Choices: Eggs & Veggies Scramble

Doesn’t it seem like as soon as we decide, “I’m going on a diet”, this diet “state” is all you think about in your head?

And geez, why is it that the next thought in our head is how hungry you are, even though you just ate? I want this, I want that, I crave this, I must have that, why can’t I eat this on this diet, I gotta focus, try harder, be brave, strong, committed, run, walk, meditate, one day at a time, one hour at a time? Say no to cake, get that dessert away from me, it smells like chocolate outside!!!! And on and on and on… at least that’s what used to go thru my head regularly, not in that order.

Why do you think that is? I’ll tell you why, because as soon as you tell yourself the word “can’t”, your mind starts to fight against it. It simply wants to live in a positive world! There ain’t nothing like someone telling you that you can’t do something for you to want to prove them wrong! Your mind is no different. This is one good reason why “diets” do not work. You are on a constant negative battle against your own will!

So, then, how can we even start to lose weight without restricting your thoughts? Here is a suggestion: consume your time before committing to any particular food group or system to really learning how your body actually processes the food you are currently eating. Seriously. If you really REALLY understood what goes in some of the processed food we are sold and put in our bodies, it would probably be enough to make you implement some changes NATURALLY. And that change wouldn’t be a “CAN’T have it change”, it would be a “I CAN have it but I DON’T WANT IT”! kind of change (I learned this by watching the documentary “Hungry For Change”). That’s just an example right there on how to help your mind change direction. It’s a complete paradigm shift.

Most human beings need a convincing enough reason to “change” anything about themselves. That reason needs to resonate with you. If you CHANGE for someone else, or on a whim because of what everyone else is doing, or the latest trend, without a solid reason behind it that you are completely behind (and understand), then chances are it is a temporary adjustment. Alcoholics LIVE this every day. So do ex-smokers. They found a reason to change and now choose differently so they stick with it!

So forget about the next fad diet. Focus on what DOES make sense to you nutritionally. Why do you eat what you eat and what’s in it? Have you watched “Vegucated”? It’s a documentary that will help you think twice about the food you eat (not a show that children should watch. It is pretty graphic about how animal food is created. My wife could not sit through it but I did… and it was good enough for me to make a change). Also others like “Food Matters”, or “Hungry For Change” are all free documentaries you can watch online. (Google them).

My wife and I have opted recently for a cleaner more organic based diet, less animal food (none for me after that show!) and more vegetable based. We’ve also incorporated juicing a couple times a week. Tell you what, when you make this kind of change for healthier, more organic alternatives, you don’t even have to THINK about weight loss. The lbs just fall off naturally. In about a span of 4 weeks by simply making this switch, I lost about 10 lbs and 3% body fat, several inches around my body and I have the energy to RUN 45 minutes (Used to be “walk”) every single day. This compared to ZERO minutes of exercise previously. I am more alert, more focused, less irritated and in a heck of a better mood! And I even love to cook up some meals for us! As my wife would say “Score!”

So, if “going on a diet” makes you cringe, as it should, consider stepping outside that thought and educating yourself on healthier food choices that you will enjoy without restriction and that can be a part of your daily routine. But I warn you, if you stop reading this blog and start eating veggies all of a sudden without doing the research that convinces you whole heartedly, then you will again be wasting your time. You must reach the point where you say to yourself “I CAN EAT THAT but I DON’T WANT TO”… that alone will set you free.

hope to inspire you to a healthier lifestyle and less struggles with food! Live happy, live healthy, and live longer!

Here is one of our favorite recipes (image above) which can be served for ANY meal of the day: Egg-veggie scramble with broccoli (2 eggs, 1/2 chopped tomato, 1 green onion minced, 1/4 minced green pepper, 1/4 minced red pepper, sea salt to taste & add raw or steamed broccoli)



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