Private Group Meditations

private group meditation gilbert arizonaI offer a limited number of private group meditation sessions each month in Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and local vicinity. I am passionate about working with open-minded individuals who are ready to expand into uncharted, some would say mystical, experiences through guided meditation. Contact my office to arrange a guided group meditation for you and your friends at a place of your choice. This could be your home, a small yoga center you may have access to, or reach out to my office for other ideas.

What Is a Private Group Meditation?

These are gatherings of 3-10 individuals who would like to schedule a guided session with me*. These sessions are usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. We can tailor them to your interest but typically they would include the following:

  • Intro: 15-30 minute introduction to meditation principles, benefits & brief instructions
  • Meditation: 45 minute** guided meditation session (the length can be accommodated to the group)
  • Wrap up: 15-30 minute discussion & questions

**If attendees are already experienced in the principles of meditation, we can expand the guided session to 1 hour. It depends on the group.

How Much Does It Cost: $250 per session. Up to 10 individuals. It is common for groups to simply divide the cost amongst the people attending. 

How to Schedule: Please contact my office at 480.363.6167 to schedule as I only offer a limited number of sessions each month.

*By Referral Only: Do note I only guide private groups by referral. You or someone in your group must already be a student of mine, or know someone who has attended one of my meditations before. You will need some type of connection. I offer free meditations every Monday from 7:00-8:30 at Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee if you wish to stop by.

Tips For a Successful Private Meditation Session

  • Ensure the place will be free of distractions for the allotted time (kids, barking dogs, etc…).
  • Although I am a proponent of kids meditating (my 9 year old meditates before bed with me), private sessions should be kids free unless they are experienced meditators.
  • You do not need any special equipment or anything. Just a little room for your guests to sit comfortably on chairs, a couch or if they prefer, on the floor (I recommend a mat for this).
  • I bring my own background music & speakers.
  • Relax, greet and make your guests feel at home prior to my arrival and feel free to ask me as many questions as you want before and after the meditation.


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