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Following my own advice, pursuing passion

When my daughter Isabella and I discuss what she wants to be when she grows up we eventually reach a point where she has mixed feelings between several choices. I assure her that if she follows her passion and is doing work that fulfills her heart’s desire that she will be happy and lead a fulfilling life. When she mentions from her innocence, that she wishes there was no such thing as money and that everyone in the world could have everything they need. I tell her with certainty that if she is following her passion and giving back to others that universe will conspire to meet all of her wants and needs. I truly believe that we experience what we believe and create our reality through our state of being.

I whole-heartedly believe in this advice, yet this approach to life is knowledge that I have recently gained. It is a culmination of many books, movies, life lessons, mentors and teachers. Even though I actively try to walk in this knowledge, I am still learning. As a part of growing and awakening, I observe my path on a regular basis. One of the decisions I had recently made with Quantum Life Coaching was to move from health coaching to training business leaders in mindfulness. While this is a commendable pursuit, the reason for moving to that focus was not to fulfill my true passion. It was due to my belief that corporate training would allow me, monetarily, to move more quickly to consulting and teaching full time.

Can you guess what happened next? That’s right! My progress stalled. My motivation was almost nil. It affected not only my desire to continue Quantum Life Coaching but my commitment to exercise, healthful eating, and mindfulness also suffered. Did I stop taking care of myself? NO! Nevertheless, my inner drive to continue that way of life had diminished, all because of the shift in mindset of thinking I needed to do something for money.

Thankfully, during an Advanced Meditation Workshop in Mexico, my eyes opened to this deviation from passion. At breakfast during the event one of the attendees was asked, “How many workshops have you been to and why do you come to the events?” People come for healing, manifesting the man of their dreams, creating abundance, the list goes on and on with the material things. She paused and explained that she and her husband attended workshops because it allowed them to connect to the divine, to god, to the universe in the most effective way possible. By meditating in groups, they had discovered a way to connect to something that made them feel so whole, blissful, and full of love that it justified a continual pursuit. Her honesty opened my eyes to the fact that I too was pursuing a connection to something greater, to discover my spirituality, to awaken to my worthiness of being loved!

Moving forward, my intention is to help others awaken and evolve through meditation. To improve their lives by teaching them techniques that allow them to break through self-limiting beliefs about ADD, monkey minds, worthiness and self-glorified martyrdom. Quantum Life Coaching is dedicated to helping anyone looking to break free of these beliefs with meditation through group classes, team meditations for progressive schools and organizations, and one on one spiritual mentoring.

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