Five Changes to Lose Forty Pounds

Five Changes to Lose Forty Pounds

The Five Changes that helped me Lose Forty Pounds and Keep It Off When we want to lose weight, our normal approach is to focus on what we believe to be the main culprit of our weight gain, FOOD! If we pay attention to the marketing that most weight-loss products would...

Funny Thing Happened: Video post!

In my previous post, A Funny Thing Happened Going Through Airport Security, I told the story of how I set off the airport scanners with a meditative breathing technique. Here is a video of me presenting the story with more of the history behind it. I’ve found an...

Life, an Experiential Workshop

It seems as if it has been forever since I’ve posted! Moving forward I will post weekly at a minimum, even if the posts are shorter in comparison to some of my early posts! If you follow my Facebook page, you may have seen a few recent posts about the movie ‘The...

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