New Year’s Despacho

New Year’s Despacho

At the end of 2013, I was extended an invitation to a New Year Community Despacho hosted by Shaman Shari BaDu (who inspired my Trials of a Hero post), Kenton Knepper and Stacey Lane. It was a ceremony and fire to celebrate the New Moon and New Year. The purpose of...

Funny Thing Happened: Video post!

In my previous post, A Funny Thing Happened Going Through Airport Security, I told the story of how I set off the airport scanners with a meditative breathing technique. Here is a video of me presenting the story with more of the history behind it. I’ve found an...

Eclipsing of the Moment

I admittedly have travel anxiety. Okay, okay, I don’t know if that’s the correct medical term for what happens to me, but in the past it was very easy for me to unconsciously cause a bit of a ruckus within the family before we’d leave for a new destination. Maybe it...

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