While speaking with one of my favorite clients (okay, it is my wife Aymee!) we started discussing her passion for writing and how she wished she could just write to make a living. Writing truly inspires her and is what she is driven to do. Writing is her passion, and when writing, time ceases to exist and she experiences true joy.

She expressed her frustration with the distractions that come up in life that keep her from JUST writing. Challenges like the promises from some companies of generating a quick income, doubts about having an audience for her book and struggles with helping others realize similar success in their businesses.

This conversation prompted me to share with her the teachings of Joseph Campbell. Joseph is the author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces and interviewee in “The Power of Myth”. He teaches that each of us is a hero, or potential hero. At some point in our lives, we feel a stirring within, unrest. This is our soul waking up and usually through a series of synchronistic events; we discover our PASSION and set out on our path. In this example, the passion is my wife’s writing.

Once the Hero starts on their path, they are inevitably challenged. Trials and temptations arise. According to Campbell, three specific temptations face the heroes. These are classified as lust, fear and opinion. Almost every great story, teaching and myth follows the pattern laid out by Campbell. Even Christ and Buddha faced three trials that fell into these categories. For Aymee, she had found her calling and the trials were arising.

Lust or desire:  The actual trials of a hero vary within each category. In this case, it is the desire of money. Companies that promise get rich quick plans were a distraction for Aymee. Although very successful in her endeavors, many of the temptations proved to be fruitless and require much of her time. Time she could have spent pursuing her passion. This temptation will arise differently for each hero but lust and desire ties to earthly desires that are specific to your weaknesses.

Fear:  Many of us fear success or fear making a living outside of what society deems normal. We are conditioned very early in our lives of how things should be according to society. Go to school, get a job, climb the ladder, have kids, make a living, retire, etc. This does not allow for much adventure and creates a fear of straying from the approved path! Just beyond our fear lies success beyond our wildest imagination. Push through those thoughts that cause you to second-guess your destiny. By persisting, you will push through your fears and the world will open up and show you the way to fulfill your desires.

Opinions or sense of the way things should be:  We also limit ourselves by making assumptions of how things should unfold. The universe rarely, if ever, brings us the things we focus on in the way we expect. We need to remain open and allow the unexpected! When you are able to do this, you will be amazed at the events that transpire in your life that propel you toward your destiny.

The challenge of the hero is to have FAITH in their path and passion. For Aymee, she needs to focus on writing and avoiding distractions and self-doubts. By resisting temptations and focusing on the image of HOW success will feel when our path is complete, we actually help ourselves fulfill our destiny or enlightenment.

Do you have that feeling of unrest? Have you asked yourself what your passion in this life will be? Because of societal expectation, so many of us start a career with a very specific focus on money and possessions. When your soul awakens and you find yourself questioning the worth of worldly possessions with an absence of joy and satisfaction, you will understand that it is time to ask yourself what you want to do in your life. If you are unsure, ask for clarity in your prayers or meditation. The universe is more than happy to guide you if you are willing to ask.

For Aymee, her passion is writing. For you, it could be something entirely different. The key to you discovering your path is to listen to your soul, face the trials, eliminate the distractions, and push through the fear.

Image courtesy of 9comeback / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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